Garment Industry Philosophy

Today’s garment industry is unreliable. We’ve learned that the hard way. We’ve partnered with factory’s both domestic and overseas and when we reflect on the experience, the conclusion is underwhelming. The success rate for private label brands who heavily rely on outside suppliers is slim. Minimums are high, deadlines are almost never met, and construction quality is usually average. Yes, partnering with the right factory is possible. However, we’ve yet to achieve that successful partnership. As a result, we execute as many phases of the production process in house as possible.

Production Philosophy

We are constantly seeking new ways of effectively making our production process as vertical as possible. Ultimately, what verticality allows is for us to be supremely transparent with you the consumer. Today, we manage most aspects of the production process in house. Including sampling, printing, wash & dye, and cut & sew. We favor executing these steps in house because we can closely monitor an ethical production process that values both people and the environment. As well as depend solely on our design team for execution.

Design Philosophy

Our design process typically begins with a fabric. Next is developing a pattern around that fabric so that the garment it’s providing meets three primary design principles. 1) Is this garment as wearable as possible? Will it deteriorate overtime? Or will it embrace the impact of day to day wear, soften with every wash, and age with its consumer? 2) Is this garment as sustainable as possible? Does its production play a role in contributing to environmental decay? Or is it compromised of biodegradable materials, contributing to the good of our community, and produced in an ethical manner? 3) Is this garment as practical as possible? Does it exist because of a certain trend in market? Or is it intended for daily use, rooted in functionality, and built to last a lifetime.

Pricing Philosophy

We place a premium price on our products. We do this simply because quality clothing is expensive. Charging $20 for a t-shirt should actually spark far more concern than excitement. We believe in a justifiable pricing structure that takes into account quality of fabric, quality of construction, and quality of design. Pictured below is an example of a pricing analysis chart we’ve created for our Hemp Jersey Tee. We can provide pricing analysis charts for any specified garment upon request.

Distribution Philosophy

Limited Collections: For our simpler products like t-shirts, other knits, and eventually denim. This is where we pre-produce garments apart of a limited number of units available for purchase both in studio and online.

Made to Order: For our more detailed and tailored products like shirting and outerwear. Our Made to Order method of distribution operates just like any other form of retail. However, we begin cutting and sewing your order for you only once your order has been paid for. This system allows for the customer to have a bit more input in the overall design of their garment. Want to make our classic fit shirt out of a new fabric? These are things we’re open to collaborating on through our Made to Order distribution method.

Wholesale: We’re in the process of finalizing order sheets with a couple boutiques both in Kansas City and out. More info to come on this soon!

Garment Lifecycle Philosophy (Lifetime Guarantee)

Our hope at Easton K. is that every garment we make ends up playing a significant role in its owners life. Consequently, we want you to purchase your garment with confidence. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our garments. We supply remarkably high quality fabrics and our Tokyo made sewing machines are amongst the most accurate in the world. Resulting in a supremely durable product. Yes, mild imperfections do come with hand-sewn clothing but we truly believe our garments will last you a lifetime. If you have a problem with your purchase bring it by our studio and we will fix it. If we cannot, We will replace the garment for free!